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April Feagley’s Pet Purrspectives

April FeagleyIn addition to being the community editor/staff writer at The Daily News in her hometown of Huntingdon, PA, April Feagley has been helping the Huntingdon County Humane Society since January 2013 by taking great photos of adoptable pets for the shelter to use. As a result of her tireless efforts to snap great photos of shelter animals to increase adoptions, April has compiled and released the book, Pet Purrspectives, with all proceeds going back to the Huntingdon County Humane Society. Regarding Pet Purrspectives, April tells us:

“As I began taking photographs of the cats and dogs at the humane society, I found myself accumulating a large cache of outtakes that were simply too cute to delete. I put funny captions on a few and posted them on Facebook. When I realized people enjoyed seeing them, the idea of self-publishing a collection of the captioned photos evolved. I approached the shelter’s fundraising committee and they wholeheartedly supported the idea, and the book, Pet Purrspectives, was born. I worked on collecting and captioning more photos, then moved on to laying the pages out and designing the cover art. The book was completed toward the end of July and is currently available for purchase on and at the shelter’s location in Huntingdon, PA. All proceeds from the book go directly to the Huntingdon County Humane Society. We are all hoping that a new idea and a fresh take on fundraising will be a benefit to the great work our shelter does.”

Although she has been unable to attend a One Picture Saves a Life workshop, April cites the program as a major influence on her work, stating:

“When I first began to take photos of the dogs and cats at the Humane Society, I began to do some online research for tips on pet photography – especially shelter pets. One Picture Saves a Life was at the top of the list and when I clicked on the site, it was exactly what I needed.”

JoeyWhen asked to share a favorite pet photo and an adoption story, April provided this adorable shot of Joey the Chihuahua, telling us that he was found as a stray and was at the shelter for some time until someone came across his updated photo and took him to his forever home!

A big thanks to April for her dedicated work to saving lives through positive pet photography! You too can connect with your local shelter here and train online with our Learning Videos. Remember, One Picture Saves a Life!