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Jessica Cobb’s Pet Photography

cobb-257One Picture Saves a Life fan and shelter volunteer Jessica Cobb’s interest in photography started by taking pictures of her own dog. After volunteering at her local shelter, she saw the need for better adoption pictures and decided to learn more and put her photography skills to work – and she has seen some great success! Recently, Jessica shared her story:

“I live with my husband and 3 dogs in PA. I have my own pet-sitting business that I run on a full-time basis along with my photography. I have loved dogs ever since I was a kid and could never get enough of them. Taking snapshots of my own dog was what first got me interested in photography. I had a willing subject (as long as treats were involved) and could practice with her as much as I wanted. Then, about four years ago, I volunteered at my very first animal rescue in Florida. It was there that I really started seeing the need for a good adoption photo for the dogs and that really started my interest and love of photography. I wanted to learn more about it so that I could take better pictures of the shelter dogs to help their chances of being adopted. I also do people photography and weddings occasionally but my real passion is pet photography. I love how they just do their thing and are never self-conscious about having their picture taken.
cobb-257I volunteered with the shelter in Florida for a few years before my husband and I moved to PA. We hadn’t even been in the state a whole month before I was on the search for a rescue that needed help photographing their adoptable pups. I found the SPCA of Luzerne County and have been working with them for a little over a year now.

Honey2-257I recently took several photos of dogs that had been in the shelter for a long time to try and get them loving homes. Melody was at the shelter for over a year and the other dogs had been there for about 8 months. All of those dogs were adopted out not long after their special photoshoot pictures were posted. I have heard of many people telling the staff at the SPCA of how they came to meet a certain dog and ended up adopting them because of the photo they saw online or on the Facebook page. Another neat thing that happened recently was that I had photographed one of the adoptable dogs at the shelter and he ended up being adopted by a couple who were given a gift certificate for a pet photography session and I will soon be doing his photo again….but this time with his adopted family. That’s the best!

I actually found you guys through another pet photographer that I get newsfeed updates about through Facebook. So, I checked you guys out and love what you are doing! I watched the video on how to photograph cats, because it can be tricky to get their attention – it was a cool video and I do plan on watching more of them. I truly believe that what I, and countless other photographers do in volunteering our time to take photos of shelter animals makes a big difference. I will always volunteer my photography skills at a shelter, no matter where I live. I enjoy it so much and it is one of the most rewarding things that I have done.”

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