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Overnight Adoption? Well Ain’t That A Daisy!

A few weeks ago we ran a feature on Miranda Hay, an amazing pet photographer and Shelter President of the Humane Society of Sullivan County in Sullivan, Indiana. Yesterday we received a great email from Miranda, detailing what may be one of the fastest adoption turnarounds we’ve ever heard about, and all thanks to One Picture Saves a Life! Miranda told us about Daisy:

daisy“Daisy is a two-year-old female Boxer that was saved by one of our great volunteers that overheard Daisy’s owner telling a man he was going to shoot his dog because he didn’t want it anymore. Unfortunately, this is a rural area where we see this all too often. The volunteer asked the man if he could have the dog, and the owner agreed and handed Daisy over. She came to our shelter last week. I went to the shelter to take pictures of the new intake dogs that were ready for adoption. Daisy was so easy to photograph with her facial expressions and “head tilt” with the squeaker! I went home and did some quick editing with Photoshop Elements and posted the pictures to our Facebook page around 9 PM.

daisy2“A great family from our community saw Daisy’s picture that night and knew they had to adopt her! They came to our shelter the next day and adopted her as soon as we opened! Daisy now has a wonderful family, including two children, two other Boxer siblings and 10 acres to run and play and put the past behind her! This is a true testament that One Picture Saves a Life, and in Daisy’s case, in one day! Thank you to the One Picture Saves A Life team for giving us the skills and tools to make success stories like Daisy’s possible!”

Thank you Miranda for sharing Daisy’s triumphant story and for your continued efforts to increase adoption rates through the power of positive pet photography. Anyone inspired by Daisy’s story or the fantastic work of Miranda Hay can connect with their local shelter here and train online with our Learning Videos. Remember, One Picture Saves a Life!