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Roberta and Gracie Rescue Each Other

Gracie's original photoMeet Gracie. She was once a shelter dog at the For Paws Sake Canine Rescue in Indiana, one of many unfortunate dogs without a home. Recently, One Picture Saves a Life changed the life of not only Gracie, but her owner as well. After One Picture Saves a Life volunteer Miranda Hay posted this professional photo of Gracie on behalf of For Paws Sake Animal Rescue, Roberta Craft adopted her within a few hours and Gracie was in a new home the next day.

Roberta wasn’t looking for just a companion. She had recently been diagnosed with Mastocytosis, rare and life-threatening condition causing severe allergic reactions, and was looking for a service dog. After seeing Gracie’s photo online, Roberta knew she was the perfect fit. “When I saw Gracie’s face I knew this was the dog for me,” states Roberta. It was her first attempt at having a service dog, and she couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Gracie in her forever home with Roberta, her adopterIn just a few months, Gracie was fully trained to alert Roberta to take medication to halt a more severe allergic reaction. “As far as I’m aware Gracie is the second dog in the world trained for Mastocytosis and the first for an Adult. I’ve been able to avoid the ER for 3 months which is the longest since they started.”

Through the help of One Picture Saves a Life and the dedication of volunteers like Miranda, Roberta and Gracie have both been rescued. We’re happy to share this news and look forward to other success stories from this program!