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oatmealshampooWahl offers a line of pet grooming solutions that make grooming from home safe, easy and enjoyable. The line includes all-natural hygiene products, clippers and accessories.

Most recently, Wahl introduced a line of all-natural shampoos, deodorant and pet wipes to provide pet owners with a new level of convenience for grooming at home. In addition, Wahl also offers the first consumer pet clipper to be powered by lithium ion. This Lithium Ion Clipper provides three times the run time of standard pet clippers without any pulling or snagging.

Wahl is dedicated to giving shelter animals a fresh start, providing shelters with much-needed grooming tools to help get them washed and readied for adoption. Each year, Wahl donates more than 1,000 bottles of shampoo nationwide and supports shelters and rescue organizations devastated by natural disasters.

For more information about Wahl, visit or follow Wahl Pets on Facebook and Twitter.